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Self-taught Artist
15 years old
I love : ~Slipknot
~Death Note
~Horror movies/Slashers
~Marble Hornets
....and much more :D


Roman Christmas
Heyho guys! I'm back after a long pause for...CHRISTMAS! A little late,I know, but I still hope you had fun christmas 😄💗🎄🎁
Merry Christmas also from the julio-claudians 😊
Hey Guys!
Some may noticed I've not uploaded anything lately. Well not even lately, more like I the past few month.
That has a lot of reasons...And I'd like to tell ya which cause, I think that's kinda my "Job" to do.

1. Of course : School. It's busy. Many test and I've to learn and do homework like everyday. I'm in 10th grade now so it's super important to graduate good and move on to 12th grade.

2. Money: Lately I've noticed my copics markers break after one picture I draw and that's just too much money to spend only on my hobby.

3. Future: I'll get a Manga Programm for my PC on Christmas and I do not want to spend my money on new copic markers now, if I dont need them in the future.

4. Creativity: Lately, I have no creativity left in my brain.I just can't sit down and just draw something, like I used to. That's really kinda drepressing me and all I draw are some of my own characters from time to time. maybe I'll upload some Vversions of "New and Old" but I'm not sure yet.

5.Boyfriend : He is not stealing my time! He is just a jerk (I dunno why I am his girlfriend...)! Makes me
worry about him all the time. Makes me cry all the time...That would just ruin my drawings so....

Yeah so in the end I can say: Lack of everything. Time. Money. Creativity. Positive energy.


Will I stop drawing? : No, I still draw from time to time and I just think that this doodles aren't "good enough" for DeviantArt. DOES ANYONE WANT TO SEE THOSE DOODLES?? Write down below...

Will I stop posting draings on DeviantArt? : Mainly, yes. At least for a month or two. Maybe there will be some drawings I post but nor every day, not even every week.

Will I delete my DeviantArt account??: NO! I uploaded this pictures for a reason.I want them to stay on the internet at least to show how my drawing skills are developing. Some drawings are meant to be funny and they should make at least a few people smile in the future :)

I do have a new account where I only post FanFictions >Greetings to David Near at this Point because he loves FanFiction ;) Maybe i'll write one of David...just to annoy him Muhahahahahaha!!!!<

Maybe I'll write a new journal to give you information about that account too...we will see.

That's all I can, want and have to say right now. I hope I did a good Job in answering the questions nobody really cared about XD

Any other questions? Write down below <3

Lots of Loveey Dovey
~Lori <3


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unicodragon Featured By Owner May 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Lori :wave

You have quite a beautiful gallery . :D

Do you have favorite horror movie?

I like theolder 80's horror like Hellraiser it creep-ed me out
but only the first two. 
LoveLunatic2000 Featured By Owner May 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, first of all thanks a lot! Second, the 80's movies are my baes . Third: If you wanna talk private add me on.... Instagram DarthLocura THANKS :3
unicodragon Featured By Owner May 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I am sorry but as of now I do not have Instagram. Right now I don't see the benefit of using it.
LoveLunatic2000 Featured By Owner May 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok I've tons of stuff like that. Just tell me what social network stuff you've got n I'll add you. If you've none of them just private message me here
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asylumimages Featured By Owner May 1, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Love your work!
happy belated birthday :P
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